Thursday, July 30, 2009


We met with a neonatalogist yesterday at The Valley Hospital and although we were feeling extremely confident and ready to take on our son and all of his nuances...the doctor we met with made us feel even better (if that is possible). The first words out of his mouth were, "This can be fixed." It is overwhelmingly encouraging when a doctor doesn't feel like they have to point out the "buts" and starts off positive from the start. Of course it was hard to hear that your son may be in the hospital for weeks, but during the course of this journey we have always been aware of the "time tables" omphalocele babies have in hospitals.

Every time we meet with a new specialist the tears form in my eyes and no matter how hard I try to stop them two or three inevitably trickle down my face, but this time it was because of happiness. One of my fears when giving birth to our son was that right when he was born, I would not get a chance to see him, that he would be whisked away to the NICU with no contact to his mother or father...yesterday the doctor dispelled this notion. The doctor told us that we will be able to touch him right when he is born, and once is is cleaned and a sterile cloth is placed on the omphalocele will be able to give him a kiss, possibly hold him for a second and take LOTS of husband even asked about cutting the umbilical cord and that is totally available as long as it will not interfere with the omphalocele. All of this information meant so much more to me than I am sure the doctor knew...with all the doctors and specialists I see I never know which doctor I should be asking which questions, and finally I feel like ALL of my questions have finally been answered as best as I know they can be at this point.

Baby Harris we are ready for whatever you are about to bring to us...the great, the scary, and the love!!!


  1. Good Lord. You are truly amazing. I'm so proud of you. This is all wonderful news!!!!

  2. This is great !!! I'm meeting soon too with the surgeon and the NICU-very anxious. Glad it went well for you. Tears always come no matter what, we are hormonal plus on top of all this !!! arghhh.

  3. Hi Shannon! Thanks for your baby diagnosed with an omphalocele too?