Sunday, August 2, 2009

Third trimester...YIKES!

Well, I am now officially in my third trimester and I cannot believe husband and I look at each other and feel like the time has gone by so quickly! We will be having our baby in approximately 11 weeks and some change...holy cow!

Yesterday I put my iPod to my belly so the baby could hear a little Black Eyed Peas and get his groove on, with a mom as a dance teacher I just have to get him listening to music and moving around...I read that he may move to the rhythm of the music, I didn't really feel that, but I am not going to give up trying.

Tomorrow the new carpet in the baby's room and our room will go in so we have to clean out whatever is left in there...and then put everything back once the carpet is in place...I guess we will be able to put the baby's furniture in after Monday too. WOW!!


  1. This is so exciting! Can you post pics?

  2. I didn't take any pics this week, but I will next week...promise!