Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Glucose Screening

OK, well people warned me how gross the slurry is that you have to drink to take your glucose screening test...but the fruit punch flavor is pretty tasty...and if you bring something to read that hour you have to sit there and wait before they take your blood goes really fast! I admit...I drive about 25 minutes from my house to go to a specific Lab Corp because the woman who takes your blood is funny, charming, and doesn't hurt one bit when she puts the needle in...and for me that is worth the drive!


  1. I am glad you had a better experience than I did! The orange flavor was GROSS. And I was throwing up at every moment in my life anyway, so to add in a super-sticky-sweet gross thing was just cruel! I take it you passed??

  2. Not sure if I passed yet, I haven't gotten the results yet...the woman at Lab Corp told me that everyone says that orange is terrible...so she gave me fruit punch! Lucky me!!