Sunday, November 28, 2010

This year was filled with lots of THANKS and lots of giving to me from my friends and family.  Jackson enjoyed some stuffing and Wholefoods organic free range turkey as well as some sweet potatoes for his Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa Deevy, Great Grandma Tribert (GG), Uncle Ian, and Grandpa Dave...there was lots of laughter and leftovers.

Of course there are too many things to mention that I am thankful for but I am most thankful for my healthy, beautiful, "gifted" son!  He amazes me each and everyday and right when you think that you are going to have no more thoughts about the omphalocele your baby may decide not to eat normally for several days, or their poop schedule is off, or you see him grabbing his stomach, or you watch him point and poke at his daddy's belly button and wonder if he is wondering why his doesn't look like his daddy's and then the omphalocele rears it's ugly head...but it's okay.  I have now realized that I am so used to Jackson's lack of a belly button that when I see kids with belly buttons I think they look weird and I have to laugh at the thought of that idea.  I kind of like that I think people with belly buttons don't look normal...HA!!  It makes me think that perhaps our little man will feel the same way too. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  TO the new moms who have joined my site I am thinking of you and I am here for you.  Send me a message and I will email you my personal email if you haven't done so already.