Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The end of an ERA: Dedicated to all SAHM's going back to work.

Well today was the last day of my job as a stay at home mom.  Tomorrow both Jackson and I embark on a new adventure.  Jackson will be off to daycare and I will be going back to teaching 6th grade only not English like I have for the past 5 years, nope, now I will be teaching social studies.

I cannot believe that this time has arrived.  As I drove to his daycare today to drop off some paperwork, I could feel my stomach churning.  As we spent the day together eating lunch, laughing, and swimming at the lake my eyes filled with tears several times but I fought to keep them at bay. As I type this blog entry I can no longer fight my tears...it isn't that I do not want to go back to work, I am excited to see everyone and teach again.  I just do not want to leave my baby in the care of someone else.  I want to care for my baby, I want to kiss his boo boo's, change his diapers, wash his face after he smooshes strawberries all over it, eat lunch with together, hug and kiss him whenever I want.  

Where has the time gone?  Why do we have to part?  Why do I have to go back to work?  These are all questions I have been asking myself for the past several weeks. I know, I know it will get easier, it's harder for me than it is for him, blah blah...I have heard it all...just let me cry, let me mourn the loss of my job as a SAHM.  Let me feel bad for myself for just one day, let me cry because for some reason that is all I want to do right now.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Holy raspberries!  Jackson officially does not want Mama to feed him anymore, so that means that bath night is EVERY night!  I will say he is one smart cookie though, he will let me feed him soup.  It is as if he know that he cannot feed himself that just yet.  Genius I tell you, genius.

For all of you who are getting ready to go back to work, I wish you best of luck! I too am trying to mentally prepare myself for getting back into the groove of teaching, dropping off my baby to daycare, and learning how to juggle everything in my life!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eating Lunch

Well I made some organic mac and cheese and then added some pureed broccoli to it for Jackson's lunch.  He seems to really LOVE it.  When I first put it down he used both hands to shovel it into his mouth.  

Jackson's new thing is that he loves to move his head in a side to side motion.  It is really cute, so I say, "Oh No you didn't" and he moves his head back and forth!! Take a look!


I tried really hard and even set 6 alarms to wake me at 1,2,3,4,5,and 6 AM but slept right through the birds chirping...blogapalooza is officially over...so sad...yet a relief!

Cousin Krissy ishere 10:00 post!

See I told you we were excited!!
Kidding, this is how excited we are!!

Well my fab cousin who relocated to North Carolina for some ungodly reason is here in NY for an extended amount of time and we are REALLY excited to see each other and each others babies we haven't seen in person yet.  Although video conferencing is great, it still isn't the same!!!

9:00 did I do this already?

Awake and playing. Almost time for second breakfast (The Office)!

8:00 breakfast

Jackson's awake and having first breakfast, milk. Second breakfast, pancakes.


The baby is still sleeping! Wish I was too.

Alarm missed

Well apparently I slept through all the alarms I set to get up and blog through the wee hours of the morning.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just in case I miss post I am doing an extra...so tired!!

Walking on the Piano from BIG at FAO Schwarz

Jackson fell in love with elephants during our trip to Central Park Zoo

Daddy and Jackson watching the Sea Lions

Mama and Jackson riding the train at Turtle Back Zoo

11 pm Teen Mom

I'm watching Teen Mom right now and I am really thankful that I didn't have Jackson when I was 16.

Ugh it's only 10 pm

I'm not sure I am going to make it. I'm exhausted!!

Water time 9:00

Jackson loves swimming especially with his girlfriend!

8:00 post: Look at those teeth

Can you believe all those teeth?  Today while we were at Panera a woman asked me how old Jackson was, she guessed 6 or 7 months?  I laughed and said, "Jackson is actually 10 months today!"  He is a skinny minny but you wouldn't know it by how he eats!

7:00 Seriously?!!

Does it even matter that he has food all over himself, the highchair, and the floor when you get a smile like this?  Dinner tonight was the same as last night except it was Mexican all over...the dog sure loved it!  Jackson is off to dreamland...bath, book, and bed.  AHHHHH now some steak for Mama, grassfed farmer's market steak ofcourse!


Jackson has risen cranky and crabby. He is obsessed with the beading on my shirt, pulled my hair out of my ponytail. What a sweety!


Jackson is napping on my lap. I'm going to miss this when school starts.


So Jackson will pretty much eat anything now however, I am pretty picky with what I feed him.  Jackson eats almost strictly organic, no fast food, and all healthy.  I have been making food that the WHOLE family can eat so that I do not have to make two meals.  I love it, Chris on the other hand isn't too keen on the "healthy" menu I prepare.  Above is Jackson eating his vegetable lentil stew!  He loved it and as you can see I am no longer allowed to feed him!!

3:00 hour

Well I am finally home where the WIFI is plentiful!  Jackson fell asleep on the way home from shopping but of course the minute I pick him up to be put into the pack and play he awakes.  Ahhhh stay tuned for some great photos of my son who does not want his mommy to feed him anymore...he wants to do it himself!


Hello!! Still in the Starbucks parking lit listening to my little man sing.


Here's my 1:00 post. I couldn't find a wifi anywhere. Thank god for Starbucks!!!! BRU to get sippy cups.


School shopping with my little man at Paramus.

Welcome to the first post of blogapalooza

We just had our orientation at The Goddard School where Jackson will be attending daycare. Sad and exciting all at the sametime. My little man is growing up!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Next week on August 17th I will be taking part in blog2print's Blogapalooza...this means that I will be trying to blog every hour from 11am August 17th to 11am August 18th.  If I succeed I will also get a free blog2print book, which I really want.  I have always thought about how I am going to keep my blog forever for my little man to see and blog2print is the way to go!!  Get ready blogger world, Omphalocele Mom is COMING!!