Tuesday, July 28, 2009

26 week Sonogram

We had our 26 week sonogram yesterday and the baby is looking great! He is about 2 lbs and his omphalocele has not gotten any bigger than is was last time, which is about 3 cm. As ususal the little man did not want to cooperate with the sonographer (no surprise to me) and she was shaking my belly, pressing on my belly, and even at one point had my table tilt head down so I was almost standing on my head...but to no avail would the baby move into a position where they could get a better picture of his brain...oh well, I guess he really is like his father and I. Baby Harris either cannot sit still or just wants to sleep! Here is a picture of me at 26 weeks...belly and ALL!

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  1. Great news! Things look great, literally! :)