Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring just arrived but summer is just around the corner!

It is that time if year, the lake is open, people are out and about a little later than usual, and the playground is our back yard.

Warm weather days:
Jackson is wearing underwear but loves to pee pee outside any chance he can get. Somewhere the lines blur of what is an outdoor toy and an indoor toy and our shoes are off permanently.

Yesterday we passed our lake and Jackson started yelling, "The gates are open, the gates are open. I get my bathing suit and swim in the lake!" I shivered at the thought of the temperature of that water but I laughed and replied, "Not today sweetie, but soon we will go to the beach."
"Yay," Jackson bellowed out.

I admit, his announcement of the gates open gave me a tingle of excitement too. As I watch my husband take off in the convertible my mind sings, "Summer can't get here quick enough."