Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Follow up sonogram...

Yesterday we had our 23 wk 3 day follow up anatomy sonogram. Of course I was nervous because I associate the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors with birth defect news. However, yesterday was quick and painless, infact we were in the waiting room longer than we were in the sonogram room. I saw the last of the 3 doctors at this practice, what great doctors and genetic counselors I have had the opportunity to meet at Maternal Fetal Medicine of Valley Hospital. ANYWAY: the technician did the sonogram, talked to us the whole time, showed us exactly where to look to know that we were having a boy, but truly I didn't really see anything that would help me, and the doctor came in to look.

I asked the doctor what exactly were we seeing in the omphalocele because the last time we were there we were told liver and some intestines...but to my surprise and relief, she said it looks like it is only liver!! She showed us how the omphalocele was very dense and the same color which tells her that it is only liver. To some of you that may sound terrible, but to me...it was wonderful news. I couldn't help but feel a little better knowing that there was more inside of my little man than I had previously thought, and my husband and I celebrated with milk shakes!
Here is a 4D sonogram picture of our little man...I think he looks just like my husband...you be the judge!


  1. Morgan-
    I am not sure how I stumbled upon this blog (probably searching for any more info on omphaloceles) but I just wanted to let you know that I think my husband and I are in a very similar situation. I am 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy with an omphalocele containing only liver contents. We also had the stressful amnio and echo scan and both came back good. No chromosome problems, and no heart defects that could be found. It's good to hear about someone else who is excited and optimistic despite the circumstances. We are really excited to have the baby and are putting our faith in the medical system that everything will come out right...
    Good Luck!

  2. Hi Steph,
    I am glad you stumbled upon this blog, I created it so people like you and I could hook up and support each other!! Hope you guys are doing well!!

  3. BTW: there is a very nice support group on www.babycenter.com for moms with babies or going to have a baby with an omphalocele.

  4. He is absolutely adorable. What a beautiful baby your about to have!!!!!!!!

  5. I kind of think he looks like Brad Pitt. I'm just sayin'...

  6. Katie thinks he looks like Ian...must the be haircut!