Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Work is offically OVER!

Baby Harris dropped during the night while I was sleeping on Saturday and ever since then I have been able to breathe a lot better but have been having intense heaviness in my pelvis. Ever since then the baby has been moving around A LOT!

Yesterday I went in to work to conference with my students, I really wanted to meet with all of my students personally before my last day on Friday. I sat most of the time and was really excited to see how well they were doing in writing their essays.

When I got up to go to a meeting I began feeling very sick to my stomach and just an all over uneasiness. I called my doctor and went in to see them right away. While I was there I began losing my mucus plug and after an exam I was told that I was dilated a little and my cervix was thinning out. I was put on the fetal heart monitor and the baby was doing great and I was not having any contractions. They told me to keep a watch out for how I am feeling and that if I have any contractions at all to call them ASAP.

With that being said, work was ended for me to rest and get ready to have our little boy. WOW, it feels really REAL right now! I cannot believe it!

Today I feel really well, but I haven't done anything but watch the second season of Dexter on Netflix...I guess rest really does do the body good!

Being 9 months pregnant is really a lot harder than I ever would have thought! You truly cannot understand unless you have been at this point!

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