Monday, October 19, 2009

The Surgery

The first picture is of Jackson right when he was born with his omphalocele (about 4.7 cm around). The picture underneath is Jackson right after surgery, the same day.

About an hour after Jackson's birth he was taken in to see Chris and I in my recovery room so we could hold him and kiss him, then he was off to surgery.

It took about 2-3 hours to complete everything but in that time the pediatric surgeon was able to put all the contents that were inside of his omphalocele into their rightful spot.

Jackson is doing great! He is breathing really well (so his ventilator will probably come out today unless he ripped it out of his mouth in the middle of the night last night) he is having the two IV's taken out and replaced with a central (pic) line, and he as been off of paralytic drugs and pain medication for approximately two days. Jackson's surgery incision looks better every time I see it and he loves to pee, move and kick, and it looks like he is trying to suck his thumb!

If the ventilator comes out today, we will be able to hold him for the first time since before the surgery...that is ALL I want to do, I want to hold him and hug him and kiss his beautiful hands and fingers and toes.

The doctor said we can expect Jackson to be here for about 2-6 weeks, we are basically waiting for his organs to understand that they are inside of the body now and begin to work on their own. We are anxiously awaiting a poop because that is a sure sign that his bowls, gut, and intestines are getting into their groove. The nurses yesterday said they heard sounds from the lower region of his abdomen, so it is now a waiting game. Everything else is fine on and inside of him as of fact, I am going to go right now to see him!!

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  1. Wow... he did so well. I am so happy to hear this continued good news! I hope you get to hold him and smother him with kisses SOON!!!!