Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Better day by day

It is truly incredible how fast Jackson is getting better. The doctors said they have never had a baby that has gotten better so quickly in the unit, he is truly a miracle baby. My husband and I have learned that they do NOT like to give you a day when you will be bringing your baby home no matter how many times you ask them, but I can tell it is getting closer.

Jackson is breast feeding (which has been very difficult for me because I am not producing enough milk for him to eat and I have to supplement), being moved to an open air crib, scheduled for his circumcision, and we were asked to bring his car seat in for his breathing test. All NICU babies have to have a 2 hour test in their car seat to make sure they can breath with out strain before they are able to come home.

Here are some recent pictures of Jackson. As of today Jackson is on no IV fluids, foods, or medication of any kind.


  1. Im so happy for you. They wouldnt give me a date with Gage until the day before we were released. He is so beautiful! Congratulations on your perfect baby. And yes i think he is perfect in every way! All omphalocele babies are perfect!

  2. Oh yeah and doesnt it feel wonderful to have all those ivs and tubes out of him. I think that made me feel better than anything!

  3. THIS IS A TRULY AMAZING POST. He IS perfect!! I am so glad that he is doing so well. Strong will!!!! I can not wait to get my hands on him!! xoxo

  4. I am so incredibly happy that your delivery and Jackson's experience has been so successful so far. I go in to be induced on Monday and I can only hope and pray that we have as much success as you guys!! Congratulations!