Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Next week on August 17th I will be taking part in blog2print's Blogapalooza...this means that I will be trying to blog every hour from 11am August 17th to 11am August 18th.  If I succeed I will also get a free blog2print book, which I really want.  I have always thought about how I am going to keep my blog forever for my little man to see and blog2print is the way to go!!  Get ready blogger world, Omphalocele Mom is COMING!!


  1. We want the denim diapers! They're too cute.
    Good luck on the blogging...

  2. My hubby bought a pair of the denim diapers, size 4, because he couldn't pass them up. We'll be in them pretty soon, it looks like! Love the comment you left. I can just see them "talking" to each other. Too funny! Good luck with Blogapalooza