Tuesday, August 18, 2009

29 week sonogram at Maternal Fetal Medicine

Yesterday we had our every 3 week sonogram at Valley Hospital's Maternal Fetal Medicine. Everything was looking good, Baby Harris was measuring at what he should be, he is about 3 lbs, and again, the omphalocele has not really changed. This means that it has stayed roughly the same size for about 9 weeks...that is GREAT news. In fact, the doctor came in to talk to us after the sonogram (when you go to MFM, you get your sonorgram by the technician, the doctor reviews the sonogram and then comes in to talk to you about what he/she saw and possibly does another sonogram just to see things for themselves). She said, from what she could see the omphalocele seemed to be staying pretty constant even as the baby grows bigger and she said, "I don't want to get your hopes up, but it actually looked a bit smaller." WOW!!

Ok, she said not to get my hopes up, but as a parent who has been going through this for approximately 4 months I am going to be very happy about this news. As usual, he wasn't totally cooperative during the sonogram, but what is new?!

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