Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination!!

So if you watched this video I am going to guess that you may have figured out what I did?!!  If not...then here you go.   This evening after dinner with Uncle and Auntie, Jackson pulled the blanket in the video out of his toyroom, laid down on it, and smiled while chanting, "Pull please, pull please."  Now I can only imagine that his Daddy must do this extremely fun and heart pounding game in the morning when am already at work, but I am not really sure where this game originated.  
Wanting to elicit more giggles from my delightful son I decided that I would run through the house pulling Jackson on this blanket.  Unfortunately the fridge got in the way and intercepted my son's cheek.  Thankfully he was fine after a kiss, some ice, and some more slightly tempered pulling on the blanket.
See O moms? These babies are resilient, thrill seeking, fearless children...and they won't break!
Enjoy your evening!

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