Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I know, I know, it has been a long time!

Hello everyone!
  It has been a long time since I have been able to sit at my computer and blog.  With all of these snow days I am finally getting my chance.  
  Jackson is doing incredibly well.  He loves school, loves to play, run, play the drum and is pretty much a tornado or destruction everywhere he goes.
  When we go into his room in the morning to wake Jackson for school he giggles and smiles and often times pretends to be sleeping or runs across the crib so you have to chase him to get him out and ready.  Daddy gets him ready for school since I am back to work and every week Jackson and daddy go into school late and go swimming at the Y.
  Jackson had a voracious appetite in the morning and it gets smaller as the day goes on.  He loves Fiddle Sticks, bananas and his all time favorite is popcorn.
  Christmas was great...we woke up at home to see what Santa had left us here and then we were off to see Grandma and Grandpa Deevy and GG Tribert.  It was a great day!
  Then we were off to the Caribbean for a cruise with Gran Mar and Grandpa Phil...that was nice...not great weather but great company.
  In January we had Christmas with Grandpa Dave and Noni...Jackson loves his jungle gym but his favorite gift was the red sled that Grandpa Dave pulled him in for days around the house.  Here are some pics for you!



  1. He is absolutely adorable. I wish the internet existed when my son was born with his O. Today he is an adult getting ready to go away to college in fall. We had a long tough road for many years, but I would not trade a thing. He has the scars from the O and from open heart surgery and wears them with warrior pride when he is with his friends at pool parties.

    Best wishes to all of you.

  2. My husband and I found out that we are having an o-baby. Thanks for sharing your blog and the links. We are seeking support from families that have been through this experience. It all seems a little scary as I'm only 18 weeks.
    You little guy is adorable!

  3. How many times have we heard the expression you are not the only one going through this...seems no matter what we may be experiencing personally there is always someone else out there going through something similar. Thank God for that; Thank God for the Internet.

    We have just come back from meeting with the Geneticist, reviewing our 12 week ultrasound results and the options have been put before us. I would prefer to chat 1-1 with omomtoJ since there is no other way to contact you on this blog I hope this message finds you quickly and that you will respond in kind; since we are due to have the CVS and the follow up ultra sound, we would like to understand your (you and your husband's) thoughts going into the Amnio and what scenarios you were putting together. It's important we get your perspective before all the testing, since this will give us a little leverage in how we shape our decisions in light of specific test outcomes.

    Your perserverance to see this through is truly a blessing and a testament to the medical community but we are still playing in a statistical arena therefore information is key and experience is also a determining factor.

    Thank you in advance.
    Bill & Karri