Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Neonatalogist Follow Up

Today Jackson met with Dr. Mangenello his neonatalogist...everything was perfect!  Infact, we do not need to see him again unless we notice any problems...WOW. Here is a recent pic of Jackson.


  1. WOW! Never again! Never a follow-up? This is such wonderful news!!!!!! And he looks HUGE in that first picture! A real little boy!!!!

  2. Such great news Morgan...I am so happy for you guys! Jackson looks great! I am amazed at how fast they grow...

  3. Krave, he is a little over 9 lbs now! Can you believe it??!!

    Steph: I know, I cannot believe how fast they grow. How is Alec doing? He is so totally adorable...how is being home?