Thursday, December 24, 2009

Insurance Company: The Empire Plan: United Health Care

It is incredible to me what insurance companies will deny payment for when it comes to the heath of yourself and your child.  As of right now my insurance company has denied to pay 80% of Jackson's abdominal surgery because they believe that the doctor charged too much for performing the surgery compared to other surgeons in the area.  Upon calling them they repeated this statement to me and pretty told me that I should have shopped around for the cheapest doctor to perform Jackson's surgery.  Can you believe this?  Shop around for the cheapest surgeon to do my son's surgery instead of the most experienced, recommended surgeon?  I am in the process of a written appeal for this cost...I will be letting them know that I keep a blog.  And that they can find a bunch of mothers on babycenter and Facebook where this information will be posted about our situation.  I will keep you all posted about what happens next.  Just note that I have to call the insurance company at least once a week to have claims reprocessed!


  1. Isn't that sad? We have UHC too and they suck! They "changed" our plan this year so now they are not covering Blair's synages shot (you know... to prevent RSV and pneumonia). We will have to dish out $2,300 each time until our $5,000 yearly deductible has been met! They are the devil!

    Hugs - Tiffany

  2. Thanks Tiff! I am fighting them and writing letters and sending pics to them! I am also documenting it on FB and here!! They do not know what they are up against!