Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

 Jackson and Daddy listening to the story teller.
 Jackson picking out his own pumpkin to paint.
 Mama and Jackson listening to the story teller.
 Jackson trying to eat the paint brush while painting our pumpkin.
 He is just picture perfect!
 Lost in a pumpkin field!

Last weekend the Harris enjoyed a day of pumpkin picking!  Jackson was dressed perfectly for the slightly chilly weather and thanks to Anna (lifeisgoodatthebeach) on Etsy he had a beautiful hat to match.  Many of you may remember the pumpkin hat from his NICU days...I contacted Anna a couple weeks ago thanking her for Jackson's original pumpkin hat and told her how much it means to us and a little background on Jackson.  This kind woman was just starting another one and offered to make it in Jackson's size for this year!!  Thanks Anna, here is a link to her beautiful work if you are interested in purchasing one too! 


  1. So cute! We have a pumpkin hat for Harper too. I see a pumpkin patch picture outing in our future :)

  2. Totally Brooke, it is so cute to see the hat in the pumpkin patch! Hope you guys are doing well!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your photos and my little hats on your blog. Jackson is so sweet I was more than happy to make one to fit him this year.