Friday, June 11, 2010

I cannot stess this enough, time FLIES!

I truly cannot believe how fast my time with Jackson has gone by. I will be going back to work in September (imagine a tear rolling down my cheek), and he is practically walking all of a sudden. He climbs on everything, eats anything, chews everything, and is just such a happy soul. I tell Chris (my hubby) that it takes me twice as long to do any type of shopping because everyone is always stopping us to admire "the flirt," one of his many nick names, also I have called him "the Beav" because he was starting to chew and leave teeth marks on his crib.

I cannot express how lucky I feel to have him in my life. Jackson has made me a better person, more patient (well with him), thankful, gracious, more understanding...Jackson is so strong, independent, and really has no fear!

One of my really good friends once told me that "Motherhood is humbling." I never forgot that word, it is such an excellent way to describe it. I am not one to be or let myself be humbled much, but this little man had done it!

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