Friday, May 28, 2010

Brusha, brusha, brusha, brush those little teethies!!

Jackson had his teeth brushed for the first time today.  I have video of it but since I cannot seem to get any of my videos on the blog, you will just have to take my word.  He loved the finger brush without the tooth paste, but with the tooth paste was another story!  I got J/A/S/O/N pure, natural and organic toddler tooth paste, flavor strawberry banana (the only flavor they had), it smelled delicious, but after he didn't seem to enjoy it's taste I gave it a try.  Jackson was right, it was weird!!!  But he has some clean teeth and gums now!!!


  1. I bet that was a trip to watch! Love the pic in the shopping cart, too. He's getting so big!

  2. Thanks Jenni, it was funny...he is so mobile now it is really amazing...