Sunday, February 7, 2010


Enough said!! 


  1. What a blessing! Jackson looks great! I thought I had joined a long time ago, but apparently not. Just wanted to keep up with you to see how y'all were doing, take care!
    Amanda Hemphill, mom to Bayta (Pentology of Cantrell)

  2. Hi Amanda,
    How is your little Bayta doing?

  3. Ha ha! That pic is too funny! Thank you so much for posting such sweet comments on my blog. You're right, I need to focus on the positive and enjoy being pregnant now because it will be over soon. Take care of the little man! Wouldn't it be so fun if all the O moms on BC could meet one day?

  4. I totally agree!! I would love for us to all get together!! ON facebook there is a Mothers of Omphalocele page and they have created magnets and bracelets to fund a non for profit they are creating and I heard rumbles of a meet up of omphalocele children next year!